Thursday, July 4, 2013

Android Training in Application Development

Galagali Multimedia Pvt.Ltd. Thane launched Special Weekend Training Program on Android™ training in Application Development is a 6-weeks hands-on Android course designed to provide essential skills and experience with developing applications on Android mobile platform.

  • Hands-on Android Training

  • Practical Android code application

  • Effective for beginners and experienced developers

This course is a comprehensive look at the Android architecture that teaches how to build and deploy applications for Android phones and tablets using the Java programming language. This courses design for who are seeking a fast track to the Android API and best practices.

Throughout the course, the students develop a real-life application, which can serve as a basis for their future Android projects. Eclipse and Android SDK are used as the development environment throughout the class.

Starting with the installation of the required developer tools, including Eclipse and the Android SDK, the course covers how to build the user interface, work with local data, integrate data from the accelerometer and other sensors, and deploy finished applications to the Android Market.

Android Training

By the completion of the course you should be able to:
* Build and deploy your own Android applications.
* Understand how Android applications operate - application lifecycle, configuration files, intents, and activities.
* Have a good working understanding of Android UI – components, layouts, event handling, and screen orientation.
* Have a working knowledge of Android custom UI elements and positioning
* Have a solid understanding of Android services and broadcast receivers
* Understand Android networking capabilities, including Java Sockets, Java XML, and JSON.
* Develop a basic Android application that serves as a working example of the topics covered in class.


Duration: 6 Weeks & 2 Weeks Projects
Pricing details
The full price of the course is Rs.15, 000. Early, group, and individual discounts are available.

Contact Details :
For further information Please do visit to Android Training or Call on 022-6666 2222 /09967732004.