Sunday, October 23, 2011

Natural Sciences

The approach of this area is to arrive at a justification, of a set of fundamental concepts or axioms which resolve the long standing paradoxes, prevailing in various branches of science, while still explaining the observable phenomena.

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The Problem of Universal Recurrence with respect to the 2. Law of Thermodynamics More Detail

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Biology of Pure Procreation More Detail


We see around us this beautiful & vast universe of many galaxies, stars & planets with deep mysteries. Whenever we gaze with curiosity at the starlit night sky, the beauty & mysteries of the universe have held a special fascination upon us & we wonder at the expanse of the universe! Whenever we look around this beautiful nature of mountains, seas, trees, & innumerable living beings of this earth planet, we ask our selves with great wonder & curiosity that `Who is the creator of this world? From where all these come?, `Who is the artist of this universe?`.

From the ancient times many religionists have spend their whole life in search of the creator - God & the mysteries of his creation; but they could not found Him. In their holy scripts they conclude that `God is the ultimate creator of this universe! These nature is an art of God & the universe is running by the power of God!`. But if we see by scientific way then God is not doing all the acts or processes of this universe, because universe is a self sustaining eternal system. All processes or actions of this universe are interactions between fundamental particles & forces. Human beings consider the mysteries of nature as one form of God, so they thought that God is omnipresent .

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shirdi Sai Darshan - Tour Packages

Jothi Travels provide specialized services and tours for Sai Darshan of 
Shridi  the most sought religious place in Maharashtra.  The tour comprises not only the holy Shridi Sai Darshan but also a visit to nearby religious places like Nashik and Shani Shingnapur.  Thus planning your tour in such a way that it becomes a small Tirth-Yatra.. 

We take into consideration the Individual needs and plan your holidays in such a way that a balance is achieved between sight-seeing and your relaxation.  

We try to cover all important points keeping in mind your comfort and choice and providing a customized well planned tour for all our clients. 
Our Standard Packages:

One Night/one Day Package by Non AC Bus and Doormitory Accommodation Rs.1600 per Couple

One Night /One Day Package by AC Bus and Doormitory Accommodation Rs.2600 Per Couple

One Night/One Day Package by Non Ac Bus and  Non AC Twin Sharing Accommodation Rs. 2600 per couple
4. One Night/One Day Package by AC Bus and AC Twin Sharing Accommodation  Rs.4600 per Couple
3. We also provide budget accommodation at Shirdi . Some of the Hotels Tariff are enclosed for your kind reference.
 We also provide pick up and drop from Mumbai Airport/Railway Staion and from Pune and Manmad.
 For the Booking.Please click on