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Scientists & Engineers Conference on “Re-engineerring Life” Organised by Brahma Kumaris- Mulund Subzone,Mumbai.

Scientists & Engineers  

Conference on

 “Reengineering Life”

Sunday 28th  Feb 2016 at Gadakari Rangayatan, Thane (W)

We are Pleased to inform you that Scientists & Engineers Wing, Mulund Subzone is organizing a  Conference on “Reengineering Life”  form
Sunday 28th  Feb 2016 at Gadakari Rangayatan, Thane (W).

Reengineerring Life

Reengineerring Life

The Current Scenario : 
In Today's hectic and chaotic world, all individuals, specially engineers, technocrats and scientists often have a challenging professional life and fail to enjoy a fulfilling life under the pressure of Role, Routine and Responsibility. It is quite like a duck that looks graceful as it glides across the glassy pond and yet below the waterline is kicking and reaching, in a chaotic contrast to seemingly effortless movement above a surface. Such is life today. All of us, in one-way or another, are searching for a sense of satisfaction and contentment in life, the sense of being at peace with our world. It is natural to seek happiness and we invest most of our energy in seeking it, despite its apparent elusiveness. On closer examination, we find that the pace & pressure of life have increased, manifold, but peace & pleasure have diminished drastically affecting the performance and effectiveness of an individual. Rather than searching for ways to grow out of these limitations, most people just learn new ways to cope and settle for limited happiness, instead of joy and profound happiness that should have been natural to the human experience.

Re-engineering Life : 

Reengineering Life

The uncertainty of life makes the process of success even more difficult. Quite often the pattern of life changes greatly with one small incident and we often call this phenomenon as 'luck'. While we have no control over the events, we certainly have control on our response to them. This is what makes the difference. One person may make his life miserable in a particular set of circumstances while the other person may use similar circumstances for achieving the highest objective of life. Re-engineering Life is finding a way to change our attitude towards life from being miserable to successful achievers. We need to look at LIFE as ‘Look Internally’ and Forward Externally’. Look internally implies looking at our potentials; strengths and weakness, then find the purpose of life. ‘Forward Externally’ would mean using this self awareness and space and purpose, to find and utilise opportunities in every external situation that appears in our life. Having passed through the initial phases of Learning and Indulging, a time comes in everybody's life when one wants to 'Find' the true purpose of Life in order to 'Evolve'.

This is the time of 'Re-engineering Life'. Here is an opportunity to do so. Understanding and realising these concepts of 'LIFE' increases our effectiveness and performance in all dimensions of life; personal, social and professional.

Programme Features :

The present conference intends to focus on the above mentioned dimensions through exploring the spiritual wisdom, experiencing the power of silence and empowering the true self. The programme features lectures, exhibition, theme based Cultural programme, meditation sessions etc to be addressed by learned faculties to help participants experience re-discovering life in the true spirit. 

How will it benefit ? 

On attending the program, the participants will be able to learn the art of balance in life, learn the practical wisdom for re-engineering life, integrate “doing” with “being” by learning meditation techniques, rediscover & tap life's hidden potentials and treasures.

About the Organisers :

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, the Organisers of the Conference, has been working for over eighty years, imparting spiritual knowledge and teaching Rajyoga Meditation. This work is presently being carried out through more than 8500 centres spread over 137 countries spanning the five continents. The institution has consultative status as an NGO with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and UNICEF of the United Nations.

The Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW) of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation is actively engaged in educating the scientific and technical personnel to make their work more self-fulfilling and tuned to the needs of the society. It motivates them to work on aspects like preservation of the environment and betterment of qualities of life and also undertake scientific research on Rajyoga, consciousness and other aspects of metaphysics small so that the gulf between science and spirituality can be bridged and the social evils prevailing in the society can be eradicated. 

Courses Offered :

Stress Free Living :

Turn Stress Into Success....
Exploring how to relax and refresh the mind, transform negative attitude and strengthen the ability to respond positively to people and situations. 

Positive Thinking:

Make your mind your best friend.....

By understanding and harnessing thought energy, we can improve the quality of our lives and similarly inspire others.






Secrets of Self Esteem :

When we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about life.....

Looking at the way to empower ourselves through understanding , Self-acceptance and discovering of our higher self.

Who can attend? 

Scientists and Engineers working in various capacities such  as Managers, Executives, Scientific officers, Research Assistants, IT Professionals, HRD personnel, Entrepreneurs, Lecturers & Professors at Engineering, Polytechnic & Science Colleges, and in related areas.
Registration :

There is no participation fee, However, registration is mandatory. Registration shall be accepted on first come cum first served basis. Online registration feature is available. Alternatively, you can submit duly filled & signed
registration form at your Nearest Brahmakumaris centre. Last date for delegate registration is 24th Feb, 2016. 

Online Registration link:

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