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Influential factors of Digital marketing

We are going to see what the determining factors of effective digital marketing are. What is it that makes it click is it distribution, or the timing.

Every successful strategy needs an effective plan and comprehensive market understanding. Well planned digital and virtual marketing strategy always helps to acquire desired outcome. 

Regularity of content
Effective Digital Marketing Strategy is founded on, how well you can provide content that the audience or consumers actually want. Understanding the pattern and current trends will help you to stay relevant. For example How to articles are gaining more user attention, then its advantageous to post similar content. Similarly lists, articles, what posts, why posts and videos are some of the leading contents on the web. Timing plays a huge role in content sharing you doesn’t want to post something that is out of trend.

Marketing Report
Marketers are trying hard to keep up with content preference of digital audience. Content marketing was surpassed by Pay per click but last year tables have turned and content marketing is leading with three times of traffic of Pay per click. The Market research report clearly states people are widely accepted social media marketing but still apprehensive about the landing page optimization. PPC is most effective it earns more traffic by volume.

Social media  :

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter help to fathom top trending searches and results. And it serves as a beneficial platform to be utilized for brand awareness and company communication. Many brands are currently active on twitter, Facebook , Google plus etc. this trend is visible globally along with India. 


Marketing Conversation       
Twitter studies helped to comprehend that among all the marketing conversation conducted on twitter at least 50% tweets shares accommodating and perceptive information. Message with an image or picture is likely to be getting more response than the text based message or information for example on twitter tweet with an image or graph is get ten times more favorites and retweets than a normal tweet. Even in lowest category retweets garnered more than eight times of results. It’s high time to utilize existing digital media trends to impact your marketing strategy.  Innovative marketing ideas and comprehensive marketing management will surely provide positive results.          

Friday, March 29, 2019

Top digital marketing Training Courses Institute in Thane West.

Universal Institute of Art, Thane is the one of the Best Digital Marketing Course in Thane Mumbai based on your preferred time, Advance training courses from top Institute classes in Thane, Navi Mumbai, India

Digital marketing Training Institute in Thane West

Digital marketing Training Institute in Thane West

Course Introduction:In the e-age, every Marketing professional needs a deep knowledge of Digital Marketing. Companies are shifting to Digital Channels for advertising. And there is a huge demand for experienced Digital Marketers to lead their Marketing efforts. Our Digital Marketing course is comprehensive in the execution and incorporation of digital channels within any business.

We develop pro-active digital marketing professionals who can deliver quality work, implement incomparable strategies and effective Digital campaigns through self-development, class participation and team project work. Our aim is not to talk theory, our Industry Expert lecturers teach the methods that are working for industry today and you are encouraged to learn through practical case studies and implementation.

Learning Modes

Class Room based : The Advance Certification in Digital Marketing & online PR by Universal Computer Art offers you great resources and access to the finest facilities. With some of Mumbai's leading Digital Marketing practitioners, our teaching team will deliver a rigorous program shaping you as a modern-day marketer. Our teaching methodology includes: Lectures, Case Studies, Group Sessions, Tutorials, Workshops, Revision (Videos).

Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Online Public Relations

Expand Your Expertise in the Tools, Tactics and Best Practices of Digital Marketing.

Duration: 3 Months         Project : 2 Weeks
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Om Neelkanth Society, Sahayog Mandir Road,
Naupada, Ghantali, Thane - (W) 400 602, INDIA
Phone No.:(022) 2542 96 70 / 2533 53 27
Mobile No.:+91 98 20 40 36 25

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Need of Corporate identity for growing business.

Need of Corporate identity for growing business 

Many people think that Corporate Identity is Company logo that symbolizes the company’s values, work ethics and quality. Though it’s not the only aspect of corporate identity, it’s one of the aspects of corporate identity. Effective visual representation creates a strong impression among consumers about the company. This gets utilized in every marketing strategy. Today, many organizations are confusing branding with logo. But branding and logos are a very different things hence they both have very different approach. Creating brand identity is getting concentrated just to fulfill cosmetic needs of the organizations.     

logo designer

Needof Corporate identity for growing business

Corporate identity reflects your organization culture. Corporate identity effectively projects company character, products and services. Many companies worldwide successfully launched their visual corporate identity. Brands that are op top since last 100 years have proved the efficiency of the corporate identity.

Corporate communication became pivotal in 1950’s when companies begun to realize the need for connecting with consumers more effectively. They have started to create a business insignia of their organizations. Priority of designing these emblems was they should be simple, powerful, informative and easy to reproduce. Corporate identity design and corporate representation are the trademark of long standing industry trust and glory for these companies.

SEO Agency in Thane
SEO Services
In last decade world is transformed due to the technological inventions and the introduction of internet in our daily lives. This changes how brands see the market, how they communicate, how they see themselves forever. The Emergence of digital brands introduced a new type of communication techniques. They are constantly on the move and dynamic in the behavior. These brands are always open to change and shift in the market hence that readiness became the strong foundation of their success.

The Strategy develop by companies today are short term and approach of these organizations is much more informal than what it used to be thirty or forty years ago. Logo designers, corporate communication and strategy developers are implementing new techniques and ideas. Because of the dynamic nature of the market, they are challenging set norms of brand communication and marketing strategy.  
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Corporate identity and brand management is creating and effectively marketing, visual identity of the brand and organization. Corporate identity helps in decision making for customers. They can connect with your consumer emotionally and you can build a long term relationship with the consumer. Once consumers get hooked to a particular brand emotionally then they tend to maintain that relationship for life time. 

There are many mascots of popular brands that we can easily identity even a logo with no name or text can also help us comprehend the brand. That is called corporate identity it blends all the aspects seamlessly. Corporate branding is the material manifestation of the brand. That includes company logo, mascots, company website, company app, business card, company letter head etc.
A Company that is devoting its infrastructure and resources for corporate identity indicates that the organization is going to stay in the market for a long time.  

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Why Social Media Marketing is important for your business

Why Social Media Marketing is important for your business

SEO Services

SEO Services

Having a website is not going to cut a slack for you in this competitive age of marketing. To remain in the spot light you have to capitalize on the social media giants like Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus etc. if your company or website is still not available on popular social media sites then it’s time to accelerate your efforts so you don’t fall behind the competition. We are giving you some of the reasons why social media marketing is essential for your business.

Know your customers better: Social media allows you to interact with your consumers; you can receive their feedback and read their comments. This will give an approximate picture of your consumers’ daily life and may be you can manipulate your digital marketing strategy according to the consumer response.    
digital marketing strategy
digital marketing strategy
Immediate Solution:  If any problem arises regards to your products or website then you will get to know immediately by the feedback you get from the consumers.  In any situation of trouble you can start your crisis management. Having a social media presence provides consumers a platform to voice their problems and suggestions that will ultimately help in the betterment of your company.

Personal approach: For people social media sites are the means of communication and interacting if you post an Advertisement of your company then you won’t get any readers for your advertisement.  Because people are interested in hearing what you have to say that creates a personal connection.

Potential Customers:  Constant presence creates a positive impression of a brand among clients.  Social media sites not only put forward your name but you can offer attractive discounts and incentives. Employ promotional activities by giving away discount coupons it will sure help to elevate your sales figures.

Availability of new Market:  Social media will connect you to unchartered territory and put your product in front of new demographic. Hence, it provides entirely new market to you. As a brand you can join multiple social groups. You can join the particular group that share interest in your products. For example if you are a in a music system and accessory manufacturer then you might want to join some music group.

It’s free: Just imagine how much you have to spend on the marketing campaign and PR activity to be constantly touched with the consumers. Social media marketing doesn’t need all your time. Always look at the social media marketing as an investment. If you are apprehensive about your communication skills then it’s advisable to hire a social media executive. Always remember poorly posted content on social media might tarnish image of your brand.  

To put in simple words social media is a new form of marketing in current digital age. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and linkedIn Can be utilized for representing your company if you want. Consumer expects you to have social media accounts to get in contact with your company.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Trends that will Dominate E-Commerce Marketing

Trends to Dominate E-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce websites has changed the way people shop in India and continuously doing so, as people are giving a nod of agreement to this digital shopping experience. As technology is on constant rise E-commerce players are implementing newer techniques to assist online trade. With the introduction of flash sales E-commerce business grown substantially in India.

SEO Services
SEO Services in Thane.
Due to the advancement of websites E-commerce in distinction of online commerce that is adaptable as well as flexible. Tremendous growth of ecommerce in India, consumers has significant choices as well as information at their fingertips. Growth in the digital activities as well as resulting data is the interesting factor for devising ecommerce strategies.

The rise of such digital activities and resulting data is the stimulating factor in formulating e-commerce strategies, thus affecting the business model and driving growth for e-commerce players in the Indian market. 

Content Marketing: No surprise here, sites are going to concentrate on unique and relevant content than the generic type. Major search engines give preference to the original and unique content and rank them higher in the search results. Businesses may change their content strategy, as consumers stipulate detail, whereas purchasing and along with fluid navigation and simplicity of paying.  Will prefer brands that give them the knowledge of the product that they seek to acquire.

SEO and social signaling will start merging: Search engines like Google will insist on the relevant content for the consumer.  This method also influences the advertisement rates, for the marketers this will result as providing meticulous consideration to have exceptional content which relevant and shared by the consumers. As many brands are demanding to move away from the discount led sales models to increase consumer loyalty, content and social signaling is going to play a pivotal role in draw more customers at the lesser attainment cost.  

Social Media Marketing Expands: Many E-commerce brands utilize Facebook to constrain of their potential customers. With changes in how Facebook is going to extravagance Newsfeed pushes, marketers have to commence investing more time in additional platforms while continuing to endow money in Facebook itself. To carry on driving traffic that they were witnessed before the alteration, This trend of pay for exposure is expected to see an advanced adaptation by other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. As they establish monitoring their networks, for the brands, which mean they won’t be able to depend on just a limited channel for traffic and will have to branch out their networks.       

Increase in Mobile Marketing: Due to the large number of mobiles, information is on people’s fingertips today, hence by looking at the direction where mobile users are headed. It seems that the trend is going to expand in coming years. Flawless integration will facilitate costumers to click on advertisements and conclude a transaction without any concerns.         

Growth in Remarketing: It appears as if everybody has utilizing the remarketing technique and this trend is going to get more popular with coming time. Just visit a product on a website and that product is going to follow you everywhere. This constant exposure of product on the consumers mind helps significantly. Various social media platforms are also integrating their advertising platforms, hence cross device advertising would be more effective to track, which will also boost the mobile conversions.  

With multinational Ecommerce giants are already in the market, it’s necessary to have a focused guidance for your E-commerce business. Ecommerce website development Company in India offers conclusive web development as well as e-commerce strategies.

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Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-03-December-2017

Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-03-Dec-2017

Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-2017
Shri Mallikarjun Temple Halasangi (inside View)
Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-2017
Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-2017

Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-2017

Shri Mallikarjun Jatra Mahotsav,Halasangi-2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Top 5 tips for designing images & graphics for mobile sites

Top 5 tips for designing images & graphics for mobile sites

With the broad range of mobile devices available in the market, designing effective graphics for mobile sites is an in-demand career option. Organisations are looking for graphic designers who understand the dynamics of mobiles & tablets, and can design graphics & images as per their screen size. We give you the top five tips to create effective images that will look great on all the mobile phone & tablet formats available out there.

Design for various resolutions

Mobile & tablet resolution is smaller than a PC or a laptop. In fact, every mobile & tablet comes with its independent resolution depending on the number of features that it offers/supports. Therefore, a graphic designer needs to create images to suit different devices in the market. Since it is very difficult to dictate the platform from which a user may visit your website, it is advisable to create graphics that would adjust to all screen resolutions.

Local SEO
Local SEO

Keep your files small

When you design for mobile devices, be sure to remember that not everyone has a 3G connection. The images used on the pages must be small in size in order to avoid delay in load time. Also, it is important to remember that web browsers of mobiles & tablets have smaller cache sizes. Thus, it is better to avoid multiple images of more than one megabyte on your pages.

Use .png as your preferred file format

Galagali Multimedia
Galagali Multimedia
The image file format that you choose determines how usable your images could be on selected platforms. Instead of .gif or, the more popular, .jpeg use the .png file format to get that extra colour depth. It is a fully lossless file format with variable transparency. It comes with up to 254 levels of partially transparent pixels that allow users to take complete advantage of alpha transparency.

Digital Marketing & SEO Tips
Digital Marketing & SEO Tips

Optimise your colours

SEO Agency
SEO Agency
Smartphones are very different when it comes to colour support. A phone that has 65,000 colours will display quite a different image than the one that can be seen in a smartphone that offers 16 million colours. A graphic designer needs to make sure that the colours used are commonly available on all mobiles & tablets.

Use relative pixel sizes

If you are going to allow devices with different screen resolutions to access your website, you are going to have to forget defining dimensions in absolute pixels. For instance, if you set a width of 300 pixels, that would take up more than the entire screen on certain devices. Rather than setting up absolute sizes, it is advisable to set up relative sizes. This can be done using percentages instead of absolute numbers in the image size boxes.

With mobiles & tablets becoming common platforms for internet browsing, you can earn high salary packages as a graphic designer. The right training  can prepare you to build a successful career as a graphic designer.