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PHP Training Institutes in Thane - PHP Course Details

Module -1 for php

PHP Training Course

Universal Computer Arts,Thane announce new PHP Training Courses in Thane.

Introduction to HTML and css.
Introduction to Java Script
      Variables, operators, loops
      Using Objects, Events
      Common java script functions
      Java Script Validations

Introduction to PHP
·         From Static to Dynamic Websites
·         What is PHP?
·         What is MySQL?
·         Where to get PHP and MySQL?
·         The Big Picture: How PHP and MySQL fit the Web
PHP Fundamentals
·         PHP.ini Configuration File
·         Basic Syntax
·         Mixing PHP and HTML
·         About Comments
Quick Start for Programmers
·         PHP Language Overview
Variables, Datatypes, Operators
·         Escaping Special Characters
·         Strings
·         Numbers
String Manipulations
·         String Concatenation, Upper/Lower Case, Sub Strings, Replacement
·         String Formatting with printf
·         If Statement
·         Switch Statement
·         For Loop
·         While Loop
·         Foreach Loop
·         Loop Control (break and continue)
·         Nested Loops
·         Function Definition
·         Function Scope
·         Arguments and Return Values
·         What Are Arrays (definition)
·         Indexing by Number
·         Indexing by Strings - Associative Arrays
·         Arrays and Loops
Form Processing
·         Review of HTML Forms (check boxes, text fields, radio buttons)
·         Retrieving Form Data
·         The GET and POST method
·         Submitting to Itself

Validating User Input with Regular Expressions
·         Verifying Email Addresses, ZIP code, Phone Numbers, Credit Cards

Error handling in PHP.

Files and Directories
·         Read and Writing Files
·         Working with Directories
·         Working with CSV Files
·         About File Permissions
Introduction to MySQL Administration
·         The Command-Line Client
·         MySQL Control Center
·         Connecting to Database Server
·         Selecting a Database

Introduction MySQL Language
·         The Big Picture: Databases, Tables, and Fields
·         SELECT Statement
·         INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statement
·         CREATing Databases
·         Understanding an RDBMS
·         Understanding a Relational Database
·         Introduction to MySQL  Database
·         Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys
·         Understanding SQL and SQL Queries
·          Understanding Database Normalization

·         Connecting from PHP to MySQL
·         Executing SQL Queries
·         Retrieving Query Results
·         Putting It All Together
Sessions and Cookies
·         Introduction to Sessions and Cookies
·         Password-protecting Pages
Objects in PHP
·         Introduction to Objects
·         Properties and Methods
Advanced Topics
·         PHP and Javascript
·         PHP and Images
·         PHP and PDF

OOPS Topics
·         Object oriented  programming Concept in php
·         Comparision between procedural way of coding and oop’s based coding in php.

PHP Project (Module 11)
      Project Discussion.
      Requirements analysis of Project.
      Project code Execution.
      Project Testing.
 Content Management System [CMS]:
·         Overview of Wordpress.
·         Overview of Drupal.

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