Monday, January 21, 2013

United Recruitment & Marketing Consultants-URMC

URMC is happy to announce the launch of its website We are one of the leading recruitment consultancy firms in Mumbai, India. We also provide training for personality development and confidence building of the employees. We also act as third party payroll management for various organizations. This website designed by Galagali Multimedia is user-friendly that will offer our customer easy navigation along with lot of valuable information about our services. Through this website, we wish to provide our customers with more better and on time service facility. Visit our website and let us know how you feel about this.

Most of the corporate houses these days depend upon recruitment agencies to fill up the vacant positions with potential candidates from the city or across. Corporate houses by doing so save a lot of time which they utilize for doing other productive work. Different corporate houses have different set of requirement, the recruitment agencies therefore utilize their creative skill in seeking out the perspective candidate that perfectly fits into a particular organization and position. Recruitment agencies help various organizations to find out employees for top managerial level to a junior level officer. Recruitment firms cater their service to various industries such as pharmaceutical, hospitality, engineering and many others.

 We provide flawless consultancy to our clients by assisting them to search suitable candidates. Our consultancy consist of following services-
a. Searching candidates’ database for our clients
b. Informing candidates about the vacancies / openings of our clients.
c. During the validity of membership client can source candidates’ database from us for the various openings arises     in client’s organization.

We also organize personnel trainings, which consist of personality development, confidence building and many more. The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

To minimize the work load and to ease the operations of our client we also do third party payroll management. Clients seeking enhanced functioning are welcome to show how URMC can simplify their operations, increase profitability, and help them grow.

Contact Us:
6, Building no.589, peppermint Wala lane
Next to Deepak Farsan Mart,
Kurla (W) 70 

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  2. United Recruitment & Marketing Consultants-URMC
    Have no words to express my feelings for URMC, the most awe-inspiring organization in Mumbai today. What my organization stands today the credit completely goes to URMC and my loyal employees. They helped me to find out the most potential and perspective candidates for my organization when it was at a nascent stage. Now, I am running a bigger organization with the support of my employees who feel that we are a family.

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  3. Completely professional attitude
    Some of my sales men lacked confidence in their personality which directly affected the growth of my organization. A friend suggested me about URMC an organization that provides training program for personality development. I followed my friend’s advice and it really worked well. My staffs feel great after completing their training and now they have a positive outlook that really helps them as well as my organization. Hats off to URMC!

  4. Sorry to say, but during our contract period we had a pathetic experience with URMC. I dont know how you can claim to be "leading", "professional" etc...