Sunday, October 23, 2011


We see around us this beautiful & vast universe of many galaxies, stars & planets with deep mysteries. Whenever we gaze with curiosity at the starlit night sky, the beauty & mysteries of the universe have held a special fascination upon us & we wonder at the expanse of the universe! Whenever we look around this beautiful nature of mountains, seas, trees, & innumerable living beings of this earth planet, we ask our selves with great wonder & curiosity that `Who is the creator of this world? From where all these come?, `Who is the artist of this universe?`.

From the ancient times many religionists have spend their whole life in search of the creator - God & the mysteries of his creation; but they could not found Him. In their holy scripts they conclude that `God is the ultimate creator of this universe! These nature is an art of God & the universe is running by the power of God!`. But if we see by scientific way then God is not doing all the acts or processes of this universe, because universe is a self sustaining eternal system. All processes or actions of this universe are interactions between fundamental particles & forces. Human beings consider the mysteries of nature as one form of God, so they thought that God is omnipresent .

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