Saturday, December 22, 2012

10 Tips-How to increase Alexa Ranking & Reputation

10 Tips  Increase Alexa Ranking & Reputations

Alexa ranking is a web information company & Alexa represents different statistic based on different information of a website.Every bloggers are curious on how to increase their Alexa rank mainly Alexa represent the traffic data of any website. There are two part in Alexa ranking.One is your website performance based on traffic, organic search, page view, time on site and another is Alexa reputation and Alexa review.

If you optimize your website for search engine properly, you will get traffic from search engine that improve your Alexa rank. Your website reputation on Alexa and website review on Alexa also can improve Alexa rank of your website. Following activities can rank up your website rank on Alexa. It helps you to get higher traffic also.

A) Create an account on Alexa and claim your website
B) Install The Alexa Toolbar
C) Use Alexa Widget
D) Recommend It To Your Friends
E) Get Quality Back links & Traffic from the bloggers
F) Update Your Blog Frequently
G) Put Alexa Widget on your blog
H) Write a Review about Alexa on your blogs
I) Write Quality Posts
j) Share your posts on Social Networking Site.

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