Monday, November 3, 2014

International Event ‘the future of power’ Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

" the future of power "

India to be the biggest super power  of this world in this 21st century! Over 1000 intellectuals of Thane, Mumbai city attended an international event ‘the future of power’ at Dr Kashinath Ghanekar Auditorium, Thane, where leaders from Thane shared stage with leaders from China, France, Iceland, Italy,  Kenya, Venezuela and UK.

The host and initiator of the future of power Mr. Nizar Juma an Industrialist and famously known as manufacturer of Adidas Sports Equipment in 49 countries of Africa and Chairman of over  60 companies said “India is the only hope for transforming the world power from its current hard corrosive nature to more benevolent nature with its ancient wisdom and knowledge being practiced by its leaders. 21st Century belongs to India.”

From Left to right: Dr. Praveen Modi, Belen Romeo De Maggiolo, Simran Ahuja,Antonella Elena Ferrari, Manera, David Armstrong,   Dr RajkumarKolhe, Pratap Sarnaik, Godavari DidiJi, Anthony Phelips, Nizar Juma, Sanjay More, Helga Bergsteinsdottir, BrynhildurJonsdottir, Rohit Shah, Raffaele, Gajanan Gandhe, Rajiv Mishra.

The event had a talk show which had AntonellaFerari, who has served as President of Association of Living Values Education, Italy, Gajanan  Gandhe, MD of IAC India, Simran Ahuja Ms. India MWI 2013, New York and Paridhi Sharma, a popular Indian Television Actress. Mr. Anthony Phelips posed questions on their experiences during the dialogue held on Saturday the 1st  November 2014.  
the future of power in thane,mumbai

the future of power-Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

the future of power,thane,mumbai

the future of power-Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

the future of power-Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

the future of power-Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

the future of power-Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

the future of power-Partnership with the Brahma Kumaris Thane, Mumbai

 AntonellaFerari shared, “I do believe that every single human being who is a soul will take enormous pleasure to reawaken their values. We need to believe that we can be rather than thinking I can’t be. Many years ago a BK sister shared that if you think victory is far then it takes to achieve the same. We should believe that victory is here & now so that we are able to achieve the same. I read a book on spirituality in train & they saw me reading & a few people came & started discussing about spirituality. In western world if I read such a book then people will move away. In india we provide a lot of co-operation to all. The core thing is just to believe that I Can.”
On being asked by Anthony Phelips “How easy it is to maintain your spirituality? Are you able to highlight spirituality?” 

Gajanan Gandhe responded “It is a challenge but what we need to do is to be open. Ego comes in the way of being Spiritual. If I have to resolve issues, it is sometimes difficult so what I do is say to myself that , Can I be pure. If I am pure & have humility in my nature I will be able to change others. Companies in India have been asked to be corruption free. In last 14 years I have not dealt with corruption at all. This has happened as there is equal number of good people in India. When it’s difficult to deal with complex people you need to use your core values. We need to have courage & humility to change situations around. Brahma Kumaris have shown that how to do things without expecting any appreciation as they offered food & did the program without any expectations but just to change our outlook.”

Simran Ahuja expressed her joy in participating and said, “I would like that you should all smile so that there is some love that spreads all around. What we don’t do is, talk to each other. How should we apply spirituality is what we don’t know. We have to live by values& not only just know them. It was a wonderful new beginning to participate in the dialogue. You all have inside you your own resolves and lot of love. Just that you need to experience it.” She further went on to share,
“Speaking about ego, I do remember that every cause has its effect. We should not expect respect. I go to bed with smile & wake up with a smile. When people take you for granted then you should not be egoistic but speak to yourself & be happy & not let ego take over your original nature.”
Paridhi Sharma quoted “I play Jodha in Jodha Akbar serial. When I started learning acting it was difficult to portray actor which is not real me. If I am happy in real life but if acting demands crying then I am able to do it now. We are all great actors and we have learnt the art of pretending and not showing our real emotions. We have to just change these thoughts which are untrue to ourselves. We are Mind, Body & Soul.  Don’t pretend in real life and leave the acting to us actors. Child is innocent and in the same way even we should be like a child who shows his true emotions so we should consider another childhood.”
Shri. Kirit Somiya, MP, NE Mumbai & BJP National Secretary graced this occasion .

The objective of the program is to spark off deliberation on use of power by the leaders of this country.  As we experience shift of power from west to east, India is coming at the center- stage of the world and it’sup to its leaders in all the fields to take the responsibility of this world power being entrusted to them.

The dialogue is in partnership with the Brahma Kumaris and was attended by over 50 leaders belonging to over 15 different professions from Thane city and abroad.