Saturday, November 12, 2011

snake rescuer in Mulund (Mumbai)

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Mr.Tanmay is a resident of Mulund his hobby is to rescue snakes from the location where there is a threat to their lives.and release them to safe and secured places..He spreads awareness about snakes voluntarily. He had taken a training from mr.bharat kene a professional snake catcher of Dombivili. Tanmay has an experience in this field of 2 yrs. Till date he has rescued 20 snakes in mulund and dombivili region. He does this activity without any charges for this noble cause. So,as people of India it is our responsibility to ensure safety to their lives. In the interview Mr. Tanmay explained about importance of snakes in food chain and superstition or misbelief that are wrongly spreaded about this specie. If any one of you find snake in your location then immediately contact Mr.Tanmay on his mobile no:-9664202271. Also if you want to share any information email us:-  

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