Thursday, October 24, 2013

UPS Battery Dealers and Repairing in Mumbai

Power cuts and shortage of electricity is a huge problem in India. Especially in the interiors, MIDC areas, and rural regions, many industries face this crisis very often. Industries, shopping malls, and offices require continuous power supply for smooth functioning and uninterrupted work. UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply systems are power-conditioning systems that are primarily used to provide backup to computers, machines, etc. when the main power system is absent. Various UPS dealers in Mumbai provide a range of UPS systems for commercial and industrial purposes. These UPS systems act as conditioners for several industrial purposes. They ensure that the electricity easily flows from the main source to the back-up source.

The batteries used in UPS are composite of high power and fail-safe operations. Only a few battery dealers in Mumbai provide sustenance and reliability. UPS batteries are usually engineered using lead-acid type, lithium, or gel-cell chemicals.  These batteries provide uninterrupted power supply to heavy-duty machines and super computers.  The UPS Battery Dealers in Mumbai recommends large-scale clients to conduct regular check-up and maintenance of UPS systems to ensure continuous and consistent flow of electricity. Inconsistent flow of electricity can hamper the machine and the accessories. Therefore, companies should hire a consultant for regular maintenance and repairing of UPS systems.

There are few things users should keep in mind, while using UPS systems:

Ensure that UPS systems are continuously in contact with the electrical ground.

Don’t overload it with heavy-wearing tasks.

In case of malfunctions, ensure that UPS systems are attended by qualified professionals.

Repair it or Replace it or else, it can cause damage to the machine.

Conduct stringent check-ups, every six months, to detect battery problems.

UPS manufacturers in Mumbai suggest that the batteries should be replaced once in some years, according to the calibration and capacity of your battery.

Recalibrate your UPS’s battery sensors, once in six months or one year.

Ensure that batteries and stabilisers are acquired from genuine manufacturers in Mumbai.

A range of UPS systems are specially designed by several manufacturers and producers, for specific industrial applications in mining, pharmaceutical, food & chemicals, IT firms, offices etc. Many industries prefer using international brands of batteries like Exide, APC, Rocker, Emerson, Panasonic, Quanta, Su-kam and many more.

AMC UPS systems provide efficient input & output voltage, adroit power backup and runtime competence. In Mumbai, many industries, commercial shops, event mangers and residential complexes prefer APC UPS systems. Several APC distributers in Mumbai offer a range of Online UPC, MG Galaxy series, Backup UPS and Line interactive UPS to these clients.

Emerson is a globally recognised brand of UPS batteries that fosters uninterruptable power supply with AC- DC facility. Several UPS dealers in Mumbai that offers Emerson batteries are most demanded for high power and long lasting power conditioning equipments. Quanta batteries have the potential to provide power backup for any kind of need whereas Panasonic batteries have the power to sustain for long hours with fail-safe mechanism. These power-conditioning equipments are engineered using latest technology to produce fail-safe, full proof and high performing battery systems. Some UPS systems are assembled with Exide batteries or Rocket batteries. They have applications in several industries, automobiles, lighting back-up supply, and other high-power operations.

Among a few reputed dealers and traders of UPS systems Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has developed positive relations with their patrons, traders and manufacturers. As efficient battery dealers in Mumbai, we have been offering a premium range of battery systems equipped with latest mechanism and efficient power backing. As one of the proficient rocket battery dealers in Mumbai, we deliver reliability, affordability, and consistent performance, through our products. The batteries have the potential to provide power backup with fail safe, full proof and high performing battery systems. We are recognised internationally, as one of the reputed quanta battery dealers. We also foster onsite installation, operational training, and maintenance of UPS systems. Our products are available at affordable costs.

To know more about UPS systems and any issues related to its maintenance or repairing, feel free to get in touch with Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. visit official website for UPS batteries-


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